How to make a Swedish Sandwich Cake

My husband and I met at Uni. We had not been going out for long and it was his birthday coming up. I wanted to surprise him and make him something really special for his birthday. Awesome girlfriend points and all that.
He came over to my house and I sang happy birthday and presented him with the cake. He looked confused:
“- Aw thank you… You’ve made me a… Er… Mega club sandwich?
⁃ No! Well, I guess it might look like a club sandwich to you… It’s a sandwich cake. A Swedish specialty.
⁃ Ah…. You said you made me a birthday cake?
⁃ Yes. This. Is. A. Cake. Ta da!
⁃ But… cakes are sweet. This is savoury? It’s a sandwich -
⁃ …Cake! See?”
He tried the cake, he loved it and married me.