The World Cup 2018 – Sweden vs England

The World Cup.

Sweden Football T-shirt

It was inevitable that England and Sweden would meet. I was kind of hoping that we’d both somehow get to go through the knock out stages. Maybe they’d draw, after penalties, and we’d both win!

But at this point the game was unavoidable; we knew this. Both teams had fought off many worthy opponents to get to this stage and now it was game day.

It’d been a massive build up all week. “How would be cope?” “What if it ends in penalties?” “Who will the kids support?! “The pressure!”

The tension was building throughout the day and come 3pm it was about to burst! You could feel it in the air. The streets were deserted. Brooks popped to the shops and there was one lady working the tills at our local Tesco.

“They all took the day off!” The lady said to the people waiting in the queue to get some last minute hummus.

UK Flags

We were ready. Flags were out and the gloves were off.

England took the lead early on and never let off from that point. Their team stronger, hungrier for the win. I was willing the Swedish team on, hoping that they’d equalise and produce some kind of miracle.

Our kids, however, soon lost interest in the game and resorted to playing with Lego in the front room.

England, very deservedly, won the game in the end.

My husband and I went outside to tell our kids that unfortunately Sweden was out of the World Cup and found them playing happily on picnic blanket, blissfully unaware of any drama.

Our kids on a picnic blanket

“Who won Daddy?” Jackson asked.

“England. 2-0”.

Jackson smiled.

“We were always going to win.” Jackson said. “Either way…”

Our beautiful Swenglish children both smiled at us briefly and then went back to their game.

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Jessica is a Swedish “islander” and fisherman’s daughter who somehow ended up living outside London, England… 🇸🇪🇬🇧 By day, she changes nappies, translates documents from Swedish to English, ferries children and dog around the gorgeous Hertfordshire landscape, runs fundraisers, writes, does the odd Voice Over job, answer emails, drinks copious amounts of coffee, bakes, watches videos of cooking on YouTube and Instagram, drives Big Child to guitar lesson, drives Middle Child to Ballet, plans the next trip, day dream, plans to attend gym, rages on Twitter (you have been warned), walks by the River Chess - singing Anthem. (Gettit) Watches videos of children and/or dog on phone. And blogging. Mostly about her big loves. Family, Food and Travel. (And some bits in between) In her other life she was an actress, drama teacher and writer/producer. (Though still does some of this stuff too) Jessica is passionate about Food, food, food, baking, food, (ahem), travel, eco friendly alternatives, the arts, education and Film/TV.

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