Pack up and Go

I love clever packaging. And pretty and interesting packaging. Eco and sustainable packaging. Packaging you can eat, keep and sometimes even wear… You see where I’m going here.

Packaging can make a brand and I’m fascinated. I am buying it. All of it. Pretty much everyone knows what Apple packaging looks like. You know what the box that your iPad or iPhone comes delivered in will look like. Perfume boxes, make up packaging…

I bought a teether from a small independent company called Blossom and Bear recently and the packaging was absolutely beautiful. It looked elegant and exclusive. I went back to their website and bought my friend a gift so she too can experience the pretty packaging. (And the item itself of course!)

Poor packaging can also devalue a product. You can have the best face cream or shampoo in the world but if your packaging is not up to scratch then I ain’t buying.

We missed our flights to Sweden over Easter (curse you M25!!) and had to rebook flights for the following day. I’ve been living in the UK for 17 years and I’ve never missed a flight before.

(Okay. I lie. I did miss a flight in 2003 during my Uni days, but it was because I decided to take the tube during rush hour to Liverpool Street. Big mistake. Huge. As I was a penniless student and couldn’t afford the hotel I had to stay at the airport overnight, sleeping on the freezing cold airport floor. That in itself was an adventure. It was like another world. seriously, the people you meet in those kind of situations. I’ll tell you all about it one day.)

The only available flights were with Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) from Heathrow to Arlanda. I had promised my parents we’d be home for Easter so we had no choice but to rebook and go. This turned out to be the best silver lining, ever. The whole experience was pretty amazing from check in to the super cool, clean airport lounge to landing in the beautiful city of Stockholm.

The two older kids quickly settled into their flight routine. They’re so used to flying now so they’re happy watching a film on their iPads and then generally have a nap. It was Alfie’s first flight and he aced it. I nursed him at take off and landing and he slept in between – result. The only downside was that, since we booked the night before, and the flight was fully booked, we couldn’t get seat next to each other which was a shame. B and the kids sat together and I had the baby on my lap. However, I had a very nice lady next to me who offered to hold the baby at various point during the flight. We really lucked out!

Mid flight lunch was absolutely delicious and super healthy. Smoked salmon flakes, a squeeze of lemon, buck wheat and crispy kale salad. (I’ve already copied this at home since and it’s so good and easy to make!) And so… Packaging. The salad came served in a CUBE. Inside where different layers and compartments. The cutlery and condiments were all hidden inside the CUBE. So wonderfully sleek and clever. (Much like the Scandinavians!) in fact, it looked bit like a posh watch gift box mixed with a bit of Apple coolness. Truly a thing of beauty.

Obviously, I’m not advocating racing down the M25 with three screaming children and ultimately missing flights in order to have lunches that are served in CUBES but if you do find yourself in said circumstance then FEAR NOT. ALL IS NOT LOST!

Lunch will be served in a CUBE.



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