ADF0DF88-E191-4D16-B1DC-00CF3144BF5BI went to my mum and dad’s house recently and I found my old diaries stored away in the attic.

The first and oldest diary is from 1986 (ahem) and the latest edition was in 2004.
I don’t really know why I stopped keeping a diary… I think I started getting “busy” and forgot to stop and reflect. I do think this word “busy” should be banned as we use all to liberally to anything.
But I digress. So here goes. Here is my first blog post.
I’m a Swede, living in London with my English husband. I’ve lived in the UK for 17 years, I spent a year and half in Spain with a year spent in Illinois, USA in between.
I’ve learned how to adapt and accept, how to incorporate my Scandinavian ways and tastes into my every day life and to generally go with the flow.
I write about my thoughts on life, our everyday journey and my loves. These are my family, design, all things Scandinavian, fashion, travel, travel, travel, fitness, food and gin. Always gin.

Kram Jessica

Published by Swenglishliving

Jessica is a Swedish “islander” and fisherman’s daughter who somehow ended up living outside London, England… 🇸🇪🇬🇧 By day, she changes nappies, translates documents from Swedish to English, ferries children and dog around the gorgeous Hertfordshire landscape, runs fundraisers, writes, does the odd Voice Over job, answer emails, drinks copious amounts of coffee, bakes, watches videos of cooking on YouTube and Instagram, drives Big Child to guitar lesson, drives Middle Child to Ballet, plans the next trip, day dream, plans to attend gym, rages on Twitter (you have been warned), walks by the River Chess - singing Anthem. (Gettit) Watches videos of children and/or dog on phone. And blogging. Mostly about her big loves. Family, Food and Travel. (And some bits in between) In her other life she was an actress, drama teacher and writer/producer. (Though still does some of this stuff too) Jessica is passionate about Food, food, food, baking, food, (ahem), travel, eco friendly alternatives, the arts, education and Film/TV.

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